Niagra Falls with our expert tips

None of the travelers can miss the fact that every year endless tourists visit North America to witness the mesmerizing Niagra Falls. Springtime or Summer is the right time to visit here, but you can try during the falls too. The crowd will be less, but the fun part will be high. 

Indeed, the biggest attraction when you reach Niagra Falls is the group of three historical waterfalls. Horseshoe Falls is among the largest in Canada, and the other two in the US borders. The other two are popular as, Bridal Veil Falls and American Falls.

Niagra Falls with expert tips

Let’s check the list of sights, restaurants and more here:

Horseshoe Falls

Certainly, this place is surrounded by beauty and a bit of cold, but the best part is you will have no issues clicking pics as the crowd is less here. Click the best nature shots here! View of colorful foliage of the trees around gives the most unforgettable view. Undoubtedly, the boat cruise here is unparallel. Do not forget to wear raincoats as you are more likely to get wet while moving near the waterfall. 

Book everything beforehand, including hotel and flight tickets, to avoid any last-minute rush. After reaching your hotel, you can play online casino games which are legal there in Canada on your phone.  

Niagra Falls-with our expert tips

How to reach Niagra Falls?

Although, reaching here is easy through a car or go to the US border or Canada’s surrounding towns to reach here. Renting a car may sound like a comfy idea. Instead, try public transport like a bus that runs daily if your budget is low. Moreover, there are no charges for any child under five years of age. You can try Niagara Region Transit Service to travel to several places together, like St. Catherine, Port Colborne, Welland etc, which runs everyday except Sunday. 

Also, you can try ride apps like Lyft, Uber etc., for travelling, which might prove cost-effective. 

Niagra Falls with our expert tips

Things to do:


Several Golf Clubs, like Grand Niagara Golf Club, are here.


Enjoy biking at Niagara Wine Region and many more while tasting the wineries on the way. 


On the sides of Niagra Falls, you will find outlet shopping. You may find multiple brands like Guess, Pottery Ban etc. brand at a one-fourth price. 


Brown trout, musky, small-mouth bass, lake trout, and more varieties of fish are available here for fishing. Plenty of fishing spots like the Niagra Reservation and Fort Niagara State Park are here.


Don’t miss the Niagara Falls Festival of Lights, which comprises of the five-kilometre light route, fireworks and more.  

Nightlife and Restaurants

It has a chain of restaurants, followed by franchises. It is heaven for tourists who love to explore varieties of food. Above all, you can enjoy sports activities here if you are just fond of fine dining. A differently styled skating rink is here to enjoy a game of hockey after you are head over tow with the unique wine flavors here. Grab the love for both together here! 


Evidently, wine tasting is another thing that is highly popular here. It has several wineries all around. If you are among those fancy wine lovers who always love to try something different, then this place is only for you. Renowned vineyards and famous wineries here are Canadian Hockey Player’s Wayne Gretzky Estates and Peller Estates Winery. 


You will find several entertainment venues, followed by excellent bars. While enjoying at these bars, you can go to the Canadian side to play at Fallsview Casino. Just raise a toast while drinking a martini and enjoying the awe-struck view at the Sheraton Bar. 

Pack your bag and plan now! Too much fun is awaited here! Cheers!

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