Moraine Lake: A Guide To Visit Most Photogenic Lake

Seeking a luxurious vacation or escape for a honeymoon, anniversary, hiking vacation, friend gang trip, or relaxing vacation- a must-go place. A romantic gateway through the Canadian Rocky Mountains, nestled in the valley of ten peaks–The Moraine Lake.

Most Photogenic Lake

It is one of the most visited destinations in Canada. Find it in the middle of Banff National Park in the valley of ten peaks. This spectacular glacial-fed Moraine Lake is at an elevation of approximately 1,885m. Amazed! If you intend to discover a place more magnificent and awe-inspiring, it is hard. The scenery here is incredible and one of the most breathtaking globally.

Magic In Water

If you ask me, I would simply suggest if there is magic on the planet, it is in water. Did you know that the lakes in the Rocky Mountains rank among the clearest lakes in the world? That’s because these are glacier-fed lakes. That’s not enough for you to know. The color of Lake is turquoise blue. Fine rock dust, which might be a production of massive glaciers rubbing against bedrock continuously, stays suspended in water, reflecting light and creating the turquoise colors that Moraine Lake is known for. 

A beautiful destination, if visited, would be a lifetime memory, but you should know the right time to witness this brilliant color, as this lake remains frozen most of the year.

Moraine Lake

Best time to visit

The road to Moraine Lake is only open during summer months- June to September. Glaciers surrounding Moraine Lake defrost slowly, and the lake fills up in June. Until then, it remains covered completely with massive ice blocks. You can take a walk on a wide beach shore. But a big no-no in winter until you have avalanche knowledge.

Remember, this lake sits at a high elevation, so planning a vacation from June to September is recommended. But yes, if you want to see the utmost beauty of this lake with warmer weather and its distinctive shade of azure blue, the best time is mid-June to August. Alpine hiking season begins in late June. So, now you know the best time to book your tickets.

Is Moraine Lake open?

Gear up! Due to high demand, you definitely need to plan ahead. Even though you could drive right up to the lake, it’s beyond being easy. An insane number of visitors and traffic, seasonal closure of the roads, and rules made by Parks Canada are all important things to remember before visiting. Since 2023, Parks Canada has closed the roads to personal vehicles.

Moraine Lake’s popularity exploded, followed by the crowds and traffic. In the limited parking area, many people were illegally parking overnight. Parks Canada had no other option but to close off the road to the glorious Lake for private vehicles in the 2023 season.

Ways to reach the Lake

But no worries for the travelers to see this iconic lake. Lots of ways to reach this lake:
 Moraine lake Shuttle
 Moraine Lake Bus Company
 Roam Transit
 Private Tour Companies
 Biking the road to Moraine Lake
Hiking along the road to Moraine Lake

This new system is easy, convenient, and stress-free. It makes your visit hassle-free, has no stress around parking, and also cuts back on congestion and emissions. But ensure that you make your bookings to make this trip memorable in advance.


Reservation for shuttlers starts in Spring. Reservation is essential for all the shuttles departing the Park and Ride to the lake. Tickets are available on the counter for an hour. Grab it during that hour. Your tickets include return shuttle service, and you can stay as long as you choose, viewing the sunset view of Moraine Lake. Park Canada releases 40% of the reservation in the operating season. The rest releases on a rolling window at 8 a.m., 48 hours before departure day. The shuttle begins at 6 a.m., and the last return bus is at 7:50 p.m.

So, what is still stopping you from visiting this beautiful turquoise glacier-fed lake, the backdrop of the valley of the ten peaks? Once you have photographed this majestic lake, go canoeing, hiking, and climbing. I guess you will say Moraine Lake has chased away the blues!!

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