Cascade Ponds: 6 Reasons to Visit these Ponds

While talking about my favorites in Banff, I cannot stop myself from mentioning the name of Cascade Ponds. The surroundings are perfect for those Instagram clicks, without any filter that goes viral for its beauty. You will find it at Trans Canada right before crossing Lake
or the famous Two Jack Lakes. Have you ever visited any of these two before? 

Cascade Ponds are a number of ponds that lie under the known Cascade Mountain. You will be lost in the beauty of the place for sure. It brings those lost fun of picnics with the picnic benches and firepits around. Close your eyes and let your imagination travel!

Ponds in between colorful trees, picnic benches around, and beautiful views! Whom will you be taking along here? Be it any time of the year, you can get several good pictures here, especially on the bridges through which you can walk on the ponds. Beautiful! Let’s explore what you can’t miss when you are here:

Be here any time of the year

You don’t have to plan your visit here during any particular season. This beauty is accessible all year round. During summer, people sunbathe and enjoy fun moments while floating in those traditional paddleboards around. Winter brings excitement in the form of sledding, snow activities, and especially those magical moments near Mount Rundle. The last time I was around, I saw a few kids make their snowman taller than 10 feet. I missed the click, though! Surrounded by yellow Aspen trees, this place is wow!

Cascade ponds

Enjoy BBQ with your loved ones at Cascade Ponds

If you are a BBQ lover like me, you will love this place. It does not have something special for the BBQ, but the presence of a picnic table and BBQ pits works like the cherry on the cake. We are frequent visitors here in the summer as I cannot afford those BBQ moments with chilled cold drinks. Take care of the fire, though, for any mishaps around!

Present Right Off the Trans Canada

Before reaching the town of Banff, you will find Cascade Ponds exactly right off the Trans-Canada Highway. If you are traveling that way and want to take a break of ten minutes, take it off and get lost in those beautiful views. Just a five-minute drive if you are in and around Banff town! You can visit other water bodies by taking a day off around them- Johnson Lake, Two Jack Lake, and Lake Minnewanka. It will be a great ride if you love biking or cycling in the summer.

Cascade ponds

Enjoy the wildlife if you are lucky

Wildlife and birdlife are going to be great attractions here. If you are lucky, you might witness elk, fox, bear, or more walking down the pond lane. You may hear the wolf sound in the area, but they are not easily visible, so don’t expect much. The chirping of birds and birds flying in clusters is something you find all around here. Eagles, loons, colorful small birds, buffleheads, osprey and more you will find in the sky or nearby trees. 

One strict warning: do not get into feeding any wildlife, especially chipmunks. Leaving food for the wildlife may attract encounters, which I am sure you never want to witness. Never leave the place dirty or allow any food remaining to be around. You love nature like me, I am sure!

Photogenic site you never want to miss

Every part of Banff is something that you want to capture with your camera, and Cascade Ponds can be on your top list. Just walk towards Mount Rundle and ask someone to click. It is my favorite, and I am sure you will love it too! Be it sunrise or sunset, you are sure to get the
best shot.

Bridge at Cascade ponds

Exciting light adventures at Cascade Ponds

The place has enough light, and you can let the kids play around without any worry. They will never fall off the cliff as the light is all the way around. The water around is warm and not too deep. Enjoy your boat paddling! This place is something that you would have seen in every Hollywood scene while sharing happy moments. Don’t you want to see one of them in real?

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