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I am not an easy person to convince when it comes to shopping, however, I somewhere fell in love with an Instagram Ad that somehow convinced me to get into some more details. I was planning to go on a hike with my family & being a mom of 12 year old, comfort is the first thing that ever comes to my mind when my daughter joins me on any hiking trip. While I was going through the Vessi website
Undoubtedly, I was amazed to see the technology being used.

Let me give you a brief overview of the Vessi Shoes. Vessi is a Vancouver based Canadian brand that is famous for its waterproof shoes.

  • Completely waterproof/weatherproof (rain, snow, mud, slush)
  • Vegan and Cruelty-Free
  • Environmentally friendly as Vessi uses 99% of knit material

Impressive!! Although, I was fully convinced with the technological advancement of Vessi Shoes, but I was still not sure if it would turn out as I expected. Oops! Too much stress. I ordered Women’s Stormburst Low Top – Black & White (size 8). Not only for myself, I got 2 more pairs of shoes-one for daughter Women’s Weekend Chelsea – Asphalt Black (size 8), one for my husband-Men’s Stormburst High Top – Peak Black (size 10).

Here’s my review of the Vessi Shoes I was gifted

As I mentioned earlier, we were planning to go out for hiking to Wapta Falls and I utilized this opportunity to test the shoes. Surprisingly, it started pouring while we were on hike. Rain on hiking trip!! Let me tell you one more thing: what annoy me more on a rainy day is those wet socks. Obviously, I hate them!
Having all these doubts in my mind we continued our hiking trip to test these shoes. I found these shoes compatible with our situation.

As, I wanted to check its waterproofness, so I simply went under the running water at the falls. Wow! My feet were completely dry! This is not the end, my daughter completely enjoyed hike even though the trek was a little tough due to rainy weather. For my daughter, Vessi Shoes are a Rockstar!

Now, let me tell you what all I received with the Vessi Shoes:

  • Light weight
  • Cloud-like Comfort
  • Completely Waterproof
  • Super Stylish
  • Enough to allow my feet to breathe unlike rain boots
  • Super-easy to clean

I have shoes of other brands as well that has their own features, but it seems the weightage of Vessi Shoes was higher than that of other shoes. From now on, I have the best shoes to accompany me in the heat, rain, and cold. Something that is not harsh to my feet even when I have to cover long miles in challenging weather! Also, My husband is truly in love with these versatile shoes. He wears them every day to the gym and work.

I generally never get excited after any purchase or post random reviews, but this time, it was different. I am really happy with my experience of getting Vessi Shoes, and how can I miss posting about it? Fully waterproof Vessi Shoes turned out to be best pair of shoes I have ever got in our collection!
They also have some great accessories such as Backpacks, Socks Shoreline Belt Bag. In addition to shoes, I got a Belt Bag, which is waterproof and has tons of pockets to carry all the essentials. Do try once!

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