Famous Waterfalls in Alberta worth Hiking!

Alberta is home to natural wonders like mountains, prairies, forests and ofcourse the waterfalls. Nothing can be as magical as the breath-taking waterfalls. You won’t believe your eyes when you see this natural beauty. Here are some famous waterfalls in Alberta.

Bridal Veil Falls and Panther Falls (Banff)

If you’re driving on the Icefields Parkways, it’s definitely worth stopping for Bridal Veil Falls and Panther Falls Trail. Panther Falls and Bridal Veil Falls are located on the Icefields Parkway (Hwy 93) at the north end of Banff National Park.

The location is partially in a dense forest, so it’s nearly impossible to see. You’ll need to watch for the large pullout at the top of Big Bend Hill. 

You can enjoy Bridal Veil Falls from the parking lot however, for Panther falls there is a short hike as it’s only 0.8 km round trip. Panther Falls and Bridal Veil Falls are two beautiful and at the same time very different, waterfalls.

Panther Falls seems like a powerhouse coming out from a small opening in a rocky cliff, whereas Bridal Veil Falls is a long, multi-tiered waterfall with a more delicate appearance. The best time to visit is between May and September, although wintertime is also an exhilarating sight with the frozen falls.

Lundbreck Falls (Southern Alberta)

Located in Southwest Alberta, the Crowsnest River pours about 12 metres tall rushing cascade known as the Lundbreck Falls. An outstanding two-for-one, these falls are identical twins sitting side by side.

It is located adjacent to where Highway 3A crosses the Crowsnest River, approximately 1.2 km off of the Crowsnest Highway (Highway 3), between Pincher Creek and Crowsnest Pass.

Visitors can have a nice view of Lundbreck Falls from the observation platform and the picnic tables. You can spend quality time with your family with outdoor activities such as swimming, fishing and camping. This spot is usually less crowded allowing you to indulge in the peace and tranquillity to connect with nature. 

Bow Falls (Banff)

One of the famous waterfalls in the Rocky Mountains, Alberta which is well known for having been featured in several big films. It’s located on the edge of Banff and is considered a fantastic choice to spend a couple of hours. 

Undoubtedly, this is a popular tourist attraction, so be prepared for the crowd. However, if you actually want to get the actual pulse of this spectacular fall, consider visiting in the morning.

It is an easy 1.7km trail to hike without much elevation making it perfect for people of all ages. With lots of viewpoints and benches along the way, Bow Falls is a perfect picnic spot. Needless to say, do not miss clicking plenty of photos.

Elbow Falls (Kananaskis)

Found near Bragg Creek, a 40 minutes road trip from Calgary, Elbow Falls makes for an amazing day trip in the Kananaskis region. There’s a plethora of wildlife in the area, so keep your eyes out for some native creature spotting.

The hike is a mere 0.8 km loop trail and well worth the pay-off, making it a great easy Kananaskis hike for families. The fall is only about 6 meters tall; however the limestone and pine forest landscape makes it an exemplary picture-perfect Alberta experience.

There are several viewing platforms to enjoy the sights and crystal clear water. It’s easily accessible all around the year; each season brings its own unique beauty. 

Crescent Falls (David Thompson Country)

This is Alberta’s most beautiful waterfall, in the list of famous waterfalls in Alberta. Crescent falls is a series of two waterfalls situated west of Alberta. A 27-meter-high two-tiered waterfall that is located on the Bighorn River.

Although not much famous, this fall is a fun family adventure for all seasons when you are in the region. Named for its crescent cliff over which they fall, there is a short hike with minimum elevation which is spectacular. A small camping area offers beautiful views of the deep, bowl-shaped basins, flowing river and Bighorn River Valley.

Johnston Canyon Falls (Banff)

You will have a breath-taking experience on this most popular attraction in Banff National park. The Johnston Canyon Falls is located down the Bow Valley Parkway and considered a quite easy family-friendly hike.

Two major highlights on this trail are The Lower Falls and Upper Falls. You can experience the unbelievable views of The Lower and Upper Falls by hiking just 1.2 km to the Lower Falls and 2.4km to the Upper Falls.

There are plenty of picturesque views for you to gaze at and admire the roaring water. Although it gets crowded in the peak summer months, the view is worth it even in the winters as the fall is frozen.

Ram Falls (David Thompson Country)

If you are in search of a spot far away from the crowds of Banff and Jasper then, this hidden gem is worth visiting. Ram Falls is located within Ram Fall Provincial Park in the surroundings of David Thompson County.

This picture-perfect spot has so much to do and experience when you are on your next trip. The majestic waterfall is 20 meters tall and the viewpoint gives you the best opportunity to collect memories along the short hike.

There are chances of spotting the iconic bighorn sheep on the rocky cliffs if you are lucky. This gushing fall is enclosed by striated rock walls on both sides and pools below in a beautiful basin.

Bow Glacier Falls (Banff)

Have you ever wondered where the water comes from in Bow Lake in Banff? This is the melted water from the Bow Glacier and Wapta Icefield cascades over Bow Glacier Falls that flows into Bow Lake. Bow Glacier Falls is a great option for a day trip from Calgary. 

A moderate hike with an in-and-out trail of approximately 9 kilometres with light inclination. This trek is an amazing way to spend a day in the Canadian Rockies. 

The glacial-fed Bow Lake is visible from the Bow Glacier Falls Trail, which runs along its shores. No doubt, you can see the falls from a distant point, however, there is a chance to experience water sprays amid beautiful lake and mountain views. 

Follow the shores of Bow Lake and continue up the stairs and through the meadow until you get to the base of the gorgeous falls.

Bow Glacier Falls is a great option among the famous waterfalls in Alberta

Cameron Falls (Waterton)

Set in the Southwestern corner of Alberta, Waterton National Park is home to the famous Cameron Falls. You can enjoy unobstructed views of this cascading waterfall with a moderate walk from the centre of town or drive right up to the view point.

Spend some time on the viewing bridge while getting close to the cascade to feel the mist right on your face. This is definitely a priceless experience. Waterton Falls are generally crowded and easily accessible with lots of parking space.

One of the interesting facts about this falls is sediment known as Agrolite. Normally, the water is crystal clear, however, heavy rains sometimes stirs the water, turning the water pink in colour.

Grassi Lakes Waterfall (Canmore)

An exceptionally popular hike of Canmore is the stunning Grassi Lakes. There are actually two trails to choose from; one is comparatively easier and a direct route to the fall.

And, the other trail is challenging along the waterfall with views of the Bow Valley and Canmore from a distance. But if you are an admirer of waterfalls, and want to see one of Alberta’s best, this choice is perfect.

To summarize, whether it’s hot sunny day or chilling winter, the above famous waterfalls in Alberta are worth visiting. So, take out some time and enjoy the natural beauty of Alberta. Check out few skin care tips when you are planning a trip to these famous watefalls.

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