Surprise Corner- How to visit this Spectacular Place

Surprise Corner comes with a magnificent view, and your camera will never fail to surprise you with every click. You need to go to the bottom of the Sulphur Mountain to visit “The Castle of The Rockies.” It comes with a loud Bow Falls touching the ground, creating an eye-
catching view for every visitor. Just take a walk for a while beside Tunnel Mountain Road. Often, every single visitor adds a stoppage here. The view you get here is indeed the most photogenic spot in Banff
Every visitor does good research before travelling for sure in today’s internet world, and this place stands as the most awaited one. Though you will never be able to capture the entire beauty with your camera. However, the captured ones will still leave you in awe.

Banff- Surprise Corner Viewpoint

The short staircase near the parking lot, along with the elevated platform, adds the 3D effect if you know how to click. If you are a greenery lover like me, don’t miss the extraordinary view of trees above the Spray Valley and the amazing Banff Springs Hotel. Just walk straight to the scenic spot to find the best view. Avoid or stop if you find barricades or pedestrians’ land.

You will get the right view to click the picture on the cliff edge. Just be careful while you walk there as, at times, the land may not be rocky, and you might face a dangerous situation. Once you click the picture of your dream near Vermillion Lakes and Banff Ave, you will understand why everyone craves to click the landscape.

When should be the best time to visit this place?

I loved it almost every month and every day as I visited this place more than 10 times, but how could I miss the magic I felt after the fresh snowfall? The trees seem to be full of snow dust, and I am sure the view demands no explanation! Gorgeous! 

Mornings are the best time to capture the best view, especially when the sun’s rays fall directly on the Sulphur Mountain. If you want to capture the sunset, you may find it challenging as it sets over the mountain and, at times, on the hotel. You need to wait till late evening to pocket a memorable photo. Don’t expect a good deal of astrophotography as the light pollution may not be in favor.

Surprise Corner

Location of Surprise Corner

If you are on Buffalo Street, you can easily spot the Surprise Corner. The signpost is almost everywhere. If you are at Banff Ave, you need to turn to the extreme left, heading to the CIBC Bank. Keep on driving till you ultimately reach the destination. You cannot miss it for
sure! You can take the help of GPS too! Walk for fifteen minutes from town, and you will reach here!

Things to remember before you decide to walk here:

If you are one of those who hates crowds, give this place a second thought. This place is popular on social media, and almost a huge crowd visits it every day, so be prepared! The banks are really steep during the snowfall. It is beautiful and risky at the same time. So, don’t get lost while clicking pictures and be careful throughout. 

Winter mornings are beautiful, and if you are a morning person, do not miss it! You will cherish it always! You do not have to pay anything while visiting the fabulous parks around, but you need to get the Parks Canada Pass to enjoy the benefits. Some beauties deserve our attention, and this place gives a live example of that saying!

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