Vermilion Lakes- One of the Most Photogenic Lake

Vermilion Lakes is the best stoppage that you will find in the west of Banff town. The ever- flowing water in the lake comes from the Canadian Rockies Bow River. 
If you are a photographer, capture the view of the lake during the golden hours. The sublime landscape and that sudden wildlife encounter, imagine clicking those moments!

Extraordinary Sunset View

Spot the best sunset point at Vermilion Lakes in Banff town. Enjoy the peaceful, natural beauty in and around the lake. Grab the child drinks, dress up in your best comfy set, and settle for a few hours on a peaceful, warm evening. You are sure to capture a special click when the light falls on the Mount Rundle. Why am I not mentioning the warm cup of coffee here in the morning? It will be one of the best mornings to witness the moments of natural beauty. Getting a place in the dock is tough, but you will remember the views forever if you get one.

Paddle to Explore Vermilion Lakes

A number of bird species are common habitats around, and if you want to enjoy them the most, do it with a kayak or canoe. The lakes in a row are must things to explore. Wanna see the natural beauty? Don’t miss the reeds, landscape, and the trees around! These features help
to keep the water gentle throughout. Rent a canoe or kayak and simply paddle your way. Just keep your eye on muskrats, bald eagles, and more. The peaceful wave of Forty Mile Creek and Echo Creek, enjoy and paddle throughout.

Special fun for Wildlife Lovers

This place is home to several wild lives like mule deer and elk; if you are lucky, you might meet a moose or a furry bear. Sit and relax. Enjoy the peaceful environment. A list of birds, including osprey, loons, eagles, bufflehead, and a list of rare species, awaits for you to explore.

Ready for a Short Hike

Love to take short walks in nature then welcome to the Fenland Trail! You can treat it like a small hike, crossing the marshlands and those exciting white spruce forests near Vermilion Lakes. It is actually a simple Banff Hike of approx 2 kilometers. You will get to spend time in
the nature. This trail connects the beautiful Vermilion Lakes to the Fenland trail. While crossing here, you can enjoy crossing several docks, present on the lakes and enjoy the glorious view at Mt Sulphur and Rundle.

Breathtaking Photos at Vermilion Lakes

If you are ready with the right photo angles, Vermilion Lakes will get some outstanding clicks for you. Do not miss the golden hours as the landscape adds a mesmerizing view. Evening time is best, as the reducing light gives Mt Rundle the serene look that can win any heart. Its reflection in Vermilion Lake can literally force you to keep clicking pictures unless you are satisfied with the final results.

Ice Bubbles and Northern Lights

Though it is close to the town but thankfully it is still away from the pollution. Breathe the fresh air and enjoy no light pollution. Strategies, and if you are fortunate enough, the Northern Light view awaits for those who are there between September and April. Winter months are ideal for visiting here as the day length is shorter, and the sky gets darker early. You can also see the frozen lakes in the winter, and you might find methane bubbles stuck somewhere in the ice.

Pass Price

An amount of $10.50 per person is payable if you decide to visit Vermilion Lakes. You need to pay this amount for the Parks Canada Pass. These passes are available online, too. You might buy a Discovery Pass, too, if you plan to stay for more than a day. Buying a Parks Canada Discovery Pass might help you more as you need to pay $145.25 for all Parks Canada destinations for a whole family. Plan the whole thing before you visit this lake to have a wonderful experience that you never thought of before.

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