5 tips to manage stress at workplace

In today’s society, stress and change are often equated. Stress is the physiological response to changing circumstances that can overwhelm the body and mind. The fast pace of life, the continuous intervention of technology, and the demand of the digital world to constantly connect with others make your workplace stressful and overwhelming. Hence, there is need to find some tips to manage workplace stress.

All these feelings of being missed out or emptiness gradually build up to make you feel less worthy, unappreciated and stressed at work. So, you need to find the right way to decrease your stress levels to find job satisfaction and keep burning out at bay. 

Tips to manage stress at workplace

We came up with 5 tips to manage your stress levels at your workplace. Read till the end to understand quick and convenient ways to control your stress and anxiety while working. 

Take an ample amount of breaks

One of the first recommendations to exacerbate stress at work is not taking ample breaks. Just like an athlete in training, your body can only sustain so much effort that it slows down your performance and requires rest to recharge.

Similarly, an employee who does not take breaks throughout the day and tries to assert the finest productivity increases stress and anxiety. Taking breaks every 75-90 minutes can help employees maximize productivity and temporarily reduce stress.

Organize carefully and prioritize the important things

Not having an organized plan of action for every day at your workplace can easily burn you out, making you feel exhausted. You may be doing some simple work every day. However, your mind is overworked because of unplanned tasks. So, ensure an organized to-do list to arrest your stress levels.

In an adverse scenario, you will end up creating a never-ending list. So, you need to comprehend the elements you can control and those you cannot. This simple check will help you make an effective and efficient to-do list.

With competing deadlines and rapidly changing priorities, prioritization is critical. Always remember your personal goals, strengths, and strategic contributions to the organization. So, mark the tasks that you need to do first. 

Have a healthy diet with a good exercise routine

Exercise and diet are two critical components of how you deal with stress. Several scientific studies have proven that regular exercise contributes to decreasing stress and enhancing the positive aspect of life. Diet is important because stress can deplete specific vitamins such as A, B complex, C, and E.

Unhealthy food can adversely affect your body and mind. You must select essential food groups like whole grains, fruits and vegetables and nuts. You should also lower your saturated fat, sugar and meat consumption. In short, you cannot ignore the role of a proper diet in reducing your overall stress levels.

Think ahead and prepare meals ahead of time to fit your schedule to ensure you have healthy choices at work.

Create your specific boundaries

While we love technology, it can badly influence work-related stress at work and home. Several studies have depicted that multitasking can make you less productive, but we’re fighting that. Turn off email notifications. We can understand that turning off your mobile notification can sometimes be challenging.

However, regular practice will eventually improve your focus on the tasks you need to do instantly. It will significantly fetch away most of the reasons that cause distractions at work. Answering emails at 1 am or answering phone calls at dinner affects your time and family time. Set limits for yourself and communicate them to your colleagues.

Ask for help if needed

When it comes to stress, everyone possesses a different stress threshold, and managers sometimes need to learn where the stress is. A good manager understands the need to hire additional support, assign tasks to other team members, help employees handle workloads, and recommend consultations.

Employees who do not respond to requests for help should be patient and understand that even their supervisors can be stressed and overworked. However, if management refuses to help after weeks or months, employees may find a new job or seek advice on their own.


To conlude, stress at workplace can affect anyone, so its really important to maintain a work-life balance. I hope that the tips mentioned above are helpful to manage the stress levels at your workplace.

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