Top Places in Australia to Visit

The beauty of Australia is beyond comparison. You can cater to your wanderlust by walking down the vast secluded beaches. The lush rainforests with unique birdsongs can help you have a jolly good time. Plan a trip to enjoy the top places in Australia.

Here are some top places in Australia to visit

Kakadu National Park

Plan a trip to the Kakadu National Park and your adventurer soul will thank you. Kakudu National Park is famous for its lush rainforests, exotic wildlife, thundering waterfalls, and ancient rock art. This world heritage site spreads across a sprawling 20000 square kilometers. The park is a three-hour drive from Darwin and boasts 5000 plus Aboriginal rock art sites. On reaching the Kakadu National Park, you can cruise on the breathtaking Yellow Water Billabong and spot wildlife in their natural habitat.

The Kakadu wetlands are abundant with birdlife making it the perfect spot for birdwatchers. Moreover, you can easily spot azure kingfishers, brolgas, and jabiru on your next Kakadu trip. The cascading waterfalls paint a pretty picture from below. Visitors become spellbound as they gaze at its aerial view from a scenic flight. Also, you can take a fishing tour at Kakadu and try your luck at catching the barramundi.

Bay of Fires

Certainly, the Bay of Fires is considered home to one of the most pristine beaches in the world. It stretches over 50 kilometers from Eddystone to Binalong Bay. Also, you can walk along its sugar-white beaches and take a dip in its crystal-clear ocean. The granite boulders lining the coastline of the turquoise waters can help you click some Instagram-worthy frames.

Binalong Bay is the main beach which is perfect for swimming or surfing. You can enjoy a tremendous snorkeling and diving experience while basking in abundant marine life and clear waters. If you wish to enjoy the deserted sands, then you can drive along the coast to the Gardens and sign off your day by witnessing the ethereal sunset at the iconic lighthouse.


The natural wonderland of Uluru stands at a height of 348m, making it the largest monolith in the world. This spectacular natural formation made of sandstone is Australia’s most recognizable landmark. If you wish to soak in the beauty of the ethereal Uluru, then you can participate in its 9.4km base walk.

Above all, as you peek into the hidden caves and relax beside the tranquil waterholes, get ready to be fascinated by the local geology. Afterwards, Uluru has gained worldwide accolades for the majestic sunrise and sunset views it offers.

Sydney Harbor

Evidently, Sydney Harbor is popular as the home to Sydney Harbor Bridge and Sydney Opera House. But you will be in for a major surprise as you have an exhilarating time enjoying its natural beauty ranging from pristine bushland to hidden beaches.

You can hop on a ferry at Circular Quay to explore the harbor on water. If you are a wildlife lover, then you must visit the Sydney Harbor National Park. You get to see exotic fauna like crimson rosellas and rainbow lorikeets. Undoubtedly, Sydney Harbor is one of the top places in Australia.

Kangaroo Valley

It is home to Australia’s last wooden suspension bridge where you can click some cool snaps. There is something utterly magical about Kangaroo valley whether you go bushwalking, kayaking, or relish the top dining experiences.

If you are an ardent nature lover, then Kangaroo Valley can make you happy. Needless to say, Kangraoo valley is enriched with a variety of indigenous flora and fauna.


To conclude, if you decide to embark on a trip, then take time and plan in advance. This will help you browse through different destinations and choose the ones that appeal to you the most. We hope that the top places in Australia mentioned above will definitely be there on your list.

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