Bow Lake- Do visit this place once in your lifetime!

You have really missed a lot in your life if, even after visiting Icefields Parkway, you missed seeing Bow Lake. It is a popular and magnificent spot in Alberta, Canada, for all tourists going to Banff National Park. Take a walk here or a hike! It is a must-try if you are visiting with your family. The only suggestion is don’t miss visiting here!

Although, it is not too big compared to other lakes in the area, however, a big one for the beautiful Canadian Rockies. Be here in the summer months! It is the time when the beautiful lake thaws. It converts into that impressive glacier melt’s dizzying blue of the Wapta Icefield and Crowfoot Glacier.

The abrupt Crowfoot Mountain’s rock wall, the beautiful Wapta Icefield and the astonishing hanging glacier forms the soothing view we all crave! Bow Lake is at a height of 1920 meters. Pretty vast! People love to spend the maximum time near the ice. Chilly! You can enjoy all winter activities here while watching the magnificent view. The source of the Bow River, this lake flows through Calgary, Banff and Canmore. If you are a mountaineer, hiker or just a nature lover, this place is for you!

Get your basket ready for a grand picnic

It comes with several exciting picnic beaches near the shoreline beside the Icefields Parkway. Try this if you love the presence of iconic sites for lunch. For hanging a hammock and searching yourself on the shoreline, this place is no less than seeing a dream with an open eye. Must explore Num-Ti-Jah (The Lodge presently), Banff’s historical mountain guide, Jimmy Simpson, built it. The mountain in the North end is named after him. Located on 93N, it starts exactly from the Trans-Canada Highway#1. It is just some steps away from Lake Louise in the West. To be precise, it’s just 35 Km away. If you are driving towards Peyto Lake, Bow Lake is nearby.

When to visit Bow Lake?

The sixth month of the year, June, is ideal to visit here! From June to September, when spring arrives and the lake melts. Wildflowers and the brilliant blue lake will be waiting for you all around! From September to October, you will find no larch trees, which means no fall colors.
For hikers, July to mid-September is the perfect time. Once the winter approaches, the lake will be frozen, and you will miss that adorable blue site. You can snowshoe though! You can get the most amazing clicks here if you love to capture moments.

Things not to miss at Bow Lake


Banff National Park allows fishing in all the lakes, including Bow Lake. Spend more time while fishing here to witness the view you even failed to imagine. Just get your permit and prepare your fishing rod to catch and release from the beginning of July till the end of October.


For day purposes, the view around and the mountains ahead appears as an excellent scramble. It is mainly for people like us who love to conquer those high peaks.


Imagine waking up paddling the canoe or kayak in a beautiful view. Remember to carry your watercraft, as you will not get one around on rent. If you do not want to miss this adventure don’t forget to take your watercraft. As per the rule laid in 2021 you must fill a Self Certification Permit with Parks Canada. This form ensures that you are not carrying any motorized craft with you. It started to control the spread of any Aquatic invasive life visitors. You can take your paddleboards, canoe or kayak. Get this license online.

Bridge at Bow Lake

Wapta Traverse

For the lovers of backcountry skiing, Wapta Traverse is heaven. It is the best adventure around here. Sitting in a hut-based trip, moving around a large icefield, seated above the Bow Lake, mesmerizing! Take the Peyto Lake route for a smooth experience.

Keep exploring Bow lake but remember…

Reach here early to avoid any road jams or congestion. Carry a downloaded map while you visit here, as this place has low or no internet coverage. Additionally, carry a mosquito repellent to avoid mosquito bites during your tour. Happy journey!

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