Radium Hot Springs- Things to do Around

Imagine you are traveling not just to explore but to add memories. A traveling that justifies your bucket list to the extent that you will preserve it forever. Welcome to the heaven of water, Radium Hot Springs, also known as Radium. It is a small town in the East Kootenays.
Once you are here, you can do several things around. What all you can do, let’s explore.

Places to visit and things to do around Radium Hot Springs

Visit Radium Hot Springs Visitor Information Centre

Make the Radium Hot Springs Visitor Information Center your first call preference on any trip to Radium Hot Springs. It helps you gain all the knowledge you need about the area. Moreover, you can buy free maps of the site and popular hiking routes and get insider tips on the finest places to visit, top places to eat and stay around town, and passes available to buy here. I am sure you don’t want to remain lost in the most awaited trip! 

Steep in Radium Hot Springs

The clear waters are accommodated with sulfate, calcium, magnesium, silica, and more. The temperatures are usually in the middle of 37 and 40 degrees. The intense prickly smell is common at hot springs, so simply ignore it and jump into the enjoyment. The waters at Radium Hot Springs have no odor!  

Enjoy Radium Rotary Garden

Mirror, mirror- where can I find the beautiful garden, close to wonder! Indeed here! The Radium Rotary Garden is a garden with many plots behind an old school building. It is open to the public to roam around and enjoy the various plants and blooms. Explore, dream, and watch the unseen thoughts while you walk down the area!

Visit Leo Burrito with your kids

A trip is incomplete unless your soul attains satisfaction with the food around! How can you miss that? Undoubtedly, Leo Burrito is an awesome dining place for delicious, finger-licking fast food. Start counting the delicious delicacies here! Don’t miss the range of delicious burritos, tacos, nachos, and other favorites.

Glide through the Air at Valley Zipline Adventures

Take a short walk to the last zipline and praise the platform’s panoramic views before you soar. The final zipline is the quickest and lengthiest, and it’s a double line, which means you can race with your friend or partner to the end. Certainly, it was kind of my dream. A race where there was no fear to lose but the happiness that you ran.

Hangout in Radium Main Park

Hanging out in the main park is a pure blessing. Do you want to witness real childhood? Leave your child in the pathway bridges with the nearby Legend’s Field. You will see them running, playing, enjoying, and living the best moment in the greenery around them. Oops! Don’t be sad! Surprisingly, you can enjoy it here too! Live your lost childhood, set picnic tables for a lovely al fresco lunch. Smiling at the thought already, gotcha! 

Visit the shining Olive Lake

A striking distance from Radium Hot Springs and inside the precincts of Kootenay National Park,Olive Lake is well worth a visit. Have you ever seen a mirage? It shines and attracts more than that. Additionally, the boardwalk is also fully attainable, permitting wheelchair and pushchair individuals to enjoy the lake’s splendid views and tranquil vibe.

Capture a Photo at Radium Roundabout Art Installation

History is never complete unless people share the mystery behind it. The large installment represents the horns of bighorn rams, common sights in the locale. The art depicts the history of the sheep in Radium Hot Springs and honors their future. 

Outlook the Stations of the Cross at St. Joseph’s Church

Catholic St. Joseph’s Church is in the middle of Radium Hot Springs. Tourists will find a beautiful walking path outside the church that guides you around huge scriptures of the 14 Stations of the Cross. Is it the said road to heaven?

Unwind at Dry Gulch Provincial Park

Surely, peaceful and pristine! It is an ideal place to escape the world for a few hours. Leave your stressful life aside; live the moment. The park’s waters refresh the dry parkland in the shadows of the Stanford range. 

Ski/Snowboard at Panorama

Panorama Mountain Resort is one of the outstanding ski resorts in all of British Columbia. While it has a small name like Whistler or Revelstoke, it’s a great resort with plenty of terrain for all levels. Above all, the slot of adventure should remain forever! 

Hike to Floe Lake

The trailhead to Floe Lake is just a short distance from the town of Radium. Undeniably, Floe Lake is one of the most alluring lakes in British Columbia. Floe Lake is in the East Kootenays. Moreover, you will have to do some legwork to get to it. The warmth and affection associated with some places can only be felt when you visit them. It is one of them!

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