Best Things To Do In Golden

Last winter, when I visited this place, I got so excited about the experience that I decided to pen down my thoughts here. Golden is a small town in British Columbia. What a beauty it is!

It is also famous for the Kicking Horse River. How can you miss the sky bridge if you are around?

What can you do in Golden?

If you are a travel freak like me, I would say what you can’t do here. It is an advisable place in both the seasons- winter and summer. People staying near Canadian Rockies will find this place a short drive. If you are traveling to Jasper or Banff, this is the right place to drop!
Golden, indeed, can be regarded as a nature lover paradise. It is a place in a developing town nestled in the beauty of mountains. If you want to explore in-depth Canadian wilderness, stop nowhere but here!

Things to do in Golden: Hiking

Let’s see how you can have more fun here:

Golden town has an incredibly low population, only 4000! Don’t be surprised! You need to go to southeastern British Columbia to reach here. Calgary, another city near Golden, is just a distance of three hours from here. You will find the beautiful Golden town at the junction of Kicking Horse River and Columbia. The Rocky Mountains and the Purcell surround this beautiful place. You can visit this place if you are near Yoho, Kootenay National Park, Banff, and Jasper.

Where is Golden?

Talking about its exact location, you can trace it near the Trans- Canada Highway or Highway 1. This location makes it more desirable to visit while exploring any Western Canada road trip. Remember, you will miss a lot if you are going from Vancouver to Calgary and will not visit this place. 

During summer, as one can reach Yoho National Park easily from here, it is more desirable for visitors. Never forget the nearest popular Kicking Horse Mountain Resort. The day is not far away when you will see its name among the popular skiing destinations worldwide and winning fame for Golden too! 

History of Golden

Ever heard of the Canadian Pacific Railway? Golden’s history is tied to it, followed by the logging industry. Once you visit this place, you will find the remains of the ever-mentioned old railway town here. I am sure you have read several stories that can help you to visualize the scene but believe me when I say the real picture will leave you in awe! Moreover, the outdoor adventures of this place are a great attraction among tourists. Every year several tourists like me leave this place with several happy memories after the trip. Believe me, I am still getting goosebumps while thinking about the beautiful view! 

How many days to spend in Golden?

We really loved this town as it has a lot to explore. We recommend that at least plan a three-day visit to explore this place completely! 

What are the things to do in Golden?

Though there are several things to do in Golden but let’s check the one that everyone admires:

  • Popular Horseback Ride around the Blaeberry- I am sure you jumped at the thought! This is one of the best things to do in Golden. Just imagine unique wildlife, lush green forest and very few people around.
  • Thompson Falls: Mouth-watering food at Thompson Falls- do stop here for lunch! Thompson falls forest hike is an easy and short hike. It’s a great place to spend quality time with family.
  • Via Ferrata or Iron Road for those who love challenges. Via Ferrata means “Iron road”. It’s a climbing route with harness, iron rugs, ladders, cables & bridges. I used this route to try my skills. Will you do the same?
  • Having a beer at one of our favorite (definitely after I visited this place), Whitetooth Brewing Company. This is the only one brewery in Downtown Golden.
  • Golden Skybridge, it was risky, but I started seeing life in a very different way after crossing it. It is newest attraction just opened in summer 2021- Canada’s highest suspension bridge. Now I believe any route might sound tough initially, but the happiness you achieve once you reach your destination, is ultimate. 
  • Takakkaw Falls- It is the second-highest and ofcourse the most impressive waterfalls in Canada. The falls are fed by melting water of the Daly Glacier, that is part of Waputik Icefield. The best thing is you don’t need to put any efforts to view the falls as you can drive right upto the parking area.
  • Wapta Falls- Wapta Falls is the largest waterfall of Kicking Horse River which is 18 meters high. There is a short hike to reach Wapta Falls.
  • Emerald Lake: Emerald Lake is just 1 hour away from Golden which is an icon of Yoho National Park. Needless to say, known for its stunning blue colour, it is one of the busiest lake. You can enjoy the beautiful views while you paddle-board or canoe.
  • The Natural Bridge: When you are heading to Emerald Lake, you must stop at The Natural Bridge. As the name sounds, it is natural bridge made of rock that was cut by the Kicking Horse River.
Natural Bridge
Natural Bridge


To conclude, the fun and excitement part remains unlimited here. The more you explore, the more you learn! So, are you coming here shortly?

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