Budget Trip To Paris – The City Of Love

Paris has been termed as one of the ‘world’s most expensive cities,’ and rightly so. But you don’t need to worry if you are planning budget trip to Paris. We have come up with a holistic guide to indulge in everything the city of love has to offer. Frugal travelers can rejoice as they can have a gala time without shelling out big pennies on cultural experiences, sightseeing, and food.

The key lies in identifying the high-cost areas so that you can restrict them as much as possible. Please read on to know more about the aspects you need to be wary of while planning budget trip to Paris:


Last-minute trip planning is synonymous with paying higher flight prices. Plan to book your tickets at least a few months before the journey. The price of air tickets shoots up weeks before departure. We don’t blame you if you pack a few extra suitcases for your Paris trip.

But you will surely end up shopping more given the abundant shopping options in Paris. As a result, you will have to pay for extra luggage. It’s advisable to be careful regarding what you pack.


Everyone likes staying at hotels offering scenic views of the city. But you will end up blowing a big hole in your wallet if you aren’t careful enough. This might eat away from your budget for food, sightseeing, and shopping. Ideally, you will spend the most time sightseeing and will only return to the hotel for resting.

Decide on a budget in advance and filter hotels according to your spending threshold. Most booking sites offer discounts that can add to your savings. Hotel prices surge and so it’s better to book them in advance for a better rate.

Although hotels deliver great convenience, you can also opt for an Airbnb or hostel if you are just looking for a resting place. Opting for bed-only options can help explore more eateries while saving on your hotel expense.


Paris gets a lot of footfalls between June to August making it impossible for tourists to save money. Attractions receive daily bookings and hotels are booked to the fullest capacity. You should try and plan your travel during lean months to ring in more savings on clothes, food, hotels, and airfare. This will help in staying in budget while planning trip to Paris.


Entertainment doesn’t need to be pricey in Paris. Old French music is played every Sunday on the Left Bank. You can dance the night away to lovely tunes in the company of both localities and tourists of all age groups.

The Paris Metro Stations are always bustling with swing bands, solo violinists, and musicians of all genres and hues. Artists gather at the Place Du Tertre and you can relish some of the most amazing art pieces while garnering art tips from the masters for free.

Commuting Around

You might be required to travel a bit for enjoying the various boutique monuments and picturesque sights of Paris. Cab rides can be expensive and so it’s better to explore the city on foot at night.

Rando Velo’s free bicycle tours organized every third Sunday morning and Friday evening is a hit among tourists. To enjoy a different perspective of the city, you can book a boat ride on Bateaux Mouche by paying €10 per person.


Cutting your expenses is pivotal for your budget trip to Paris. But you shouldn’t make any compromise in terms of travel insurance. Ideally, you should opt for a plan which covers everything from canceled trips, luggage loss, injuries, sickness, and other unforeseen events.

You can also go through the places to visit in UK by train.

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