Famous Italian foods worth trying

Famous Italian foods

Italy is famous for its rich history, culture, and serene location. Thousands of foreigners visit Italy every year to witness its scenic beauty and culture and enjoy the yummiest cuisine. The world-famous Pizza comes from the rich and historic streets of Italy. You can plan your trip based on famous Italian foods as a food enthusiast.

Venice for Cicchetti

A Favorite city of Shakespeare, Antonio, Portia, Bassanio, Tempest, and much more!

Though Venice is famous for its Grand Canals and gondolas, the place wins hearts for its authentic Italian cuisine too. While roaming the streets of Venice, you can witness Cicchetti, a piece of bread served with prosciutto and gorgonzola. Cicchetti is one of the ideal dishes one cannot miss as a food lover. You can enjoy Cicchetti and local wine to enhance the richness and dish flavor.  

Rome for Carbonara

Rome is one of the iconic places to visit in Italy. The place has a rich heritage, culture, and the world-famous Colosseum. However, as a food lover, you must take advantage of the authentic flavors of Spaghetti in the city of Rome. It is a prevalent dish in Rome and is often termed Carbonara by the locals. The dish is served with hard cheese, pancetta, and fresh eggs sprinkled with black pepper. The combination makes it a heavenly Italian cuisine for tourists.

Milan for Risotto

Milan is the fashion capital of Italy. As a tourist, you can witness the most premium and authentic clothing on the streets of Milan. Besides brilliant clothing and picturesque locations in Milan, the place is also famous for authentic Italian Risotto. Surely, the flavors of Risotto can never be missed on the streets of Milan. Risotto is prepared from meat, fish, and vegetables, along with creamy white textures of butter, cheese, and Parmigiano- Reggiano.

Florence for Ribollita 

Florence is one of the oldest and most flourished towns in Italy. Along with rich culture and heritage, the place is famous for its exquisite flavors of wine and dishes. One of the famous dishes of Italy you cannot miss while visiting the ancient streets of Florence is Ribollita-a dish often called Tuscan Bread Soup. It has rich flavors of crusty bread, kale, tomatoes, broth, and soffrito. Hence, as a food lover, Ribollita on the streets of Florence is a definite try.

Naples for Authentic Flavors of Pizza

Naples is a town in Italy famous for the authentic flavors of Italian Pizza it offers tourists. Undoubtedly, there are many different forms of Italian pizzas are available on the streets of Naples. Pizza Napoletana is one of the famous Italian pizzas worth considering while visiting Naples. Chiefly, an original form of Pizza made with the perfect combinations of Marzano tomatoes, basil leaves, buffalo mozzarella, etc. 

Bologna for Lasagne Verde alla Bolognese 

Evidently, Bologna is the food capital of Italy, as it offers all forms of Italian cuisine to tourists and Italian locals. The place is famous for its rich culture and plethora of Italian cuisines. One of the famous Italian foods to try while visiting Bologna is Lasagne Verde Alla Bolognese. Basically, a premium form of lasagne prepared with multiple levels of ricotta, spinach pasta, besciamella, and Parmigiano Reggiano. If you love the flavors of Lasagna, Bologna is the ideal tourist destination.

Parma for Tagliatelle ai Fungi

Often known as a picturesque town in Italy famous for its rich Italian cuisine and fine dining. Undoubtedly, Parma is one of the most visited towns in Italy. A dish to relish the tastebuds while visiting Parma is Tagliatelle ai Fungi. This dish comprises pasta filled with juicy mushrooms, tagliatelle pasta, and garlic butter sauce. It is a dish worth trying if you are visiting Parma.

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